Press Review

The Titta Ruffo Archive preserves the complete collection of articles published in the international press commenting on his performances, that is, from 1898 to 1934 and his later life until his death in 1953, the news of which raised a unanimous chorus of condolences and sadness throughout the world. It was then on the occasion of anniversaries and commemorations that newspapers and magazines would focus on Titta Ruffo to evoke his figure as an artist and as a man: in particular, the commemoration with conferences, concerts and debates such as the centenary of his birth 1877-1977, held in his hometown Pisa, should not be forgotten.


We can state that there was no theatrical performance or event that did not have an echo in newspapers, magazines and agencies in all the capitals of Europe and the World; many then the articles in Italian-language newspapers published abroad such as La patria degli italiani, Il giornale d’Italia or L’Italia del popolo. Given the vastness and wealth of material, which chronologically increases on the wave of the baritone’s progressive popularity and success, a “small” selection is given here.