My Parabola

There is no doubt that baritone Titta Ruffo is famous and appreciated all over the world for his prodigious vocal and interpretative skills, but even today few know his figure as a man and artist as he himself describes it in the pages of his autobiography. At the age of sixty, in 1937, now far from the stage, Titta Ruffo gives to the press La mia parabola, a volume that collects the memoirs of his life from childhood until June 1924 when, while on tour in Bogota, he received the very serious news of the kidnapping of his brother-in-law, the socialist deputy Giacomo Matteotti.
In a simple and captivating style, he decided to retrace all the happy and painful events of his existence, from the hard beginnings to the conquered peaks of glory, without embellishments or literary ambitions, driven by a sincere feeling that with grace and passion offers us a thoughtful and moving work.

We have therefore decided to share his memoirs with all of you by giving you the opportunity to read and download for free in PDF format the volume Ruffo: My Parabola. The autobiography of Titta Ruffo, Baskerville Publishers, Inc, 1995. It only remains for us to wish you good reading!