My Parabola 1977

In 1977, the centenary anniversary of Titta Ruffo’s birth, on the initiative of his son (Ruffo Jr.), the book La mia Parabola was reprinted in Rome by the publisher Staderini, in a new and very accurate edition, both in the typographical layout and in the previously unpublished documental apparatus, with which the volume was enriched: in particular, the chronology of the performances, the discography, the bibliography, the multiple notes to the text that expand and punctuate as many moments of the autobiographical tale that remains unchanged from the 1937 edition; everything is then enriched by 139 beautiful illustrations.


The reprint also contains some important contributions that make our artist’s genius better known and appreciated and his human qualities stand out: the handwritten homage by the great tenor and lively writer Giacomo Lauri-Volpi, then 85 years old, the essay by music critic Giorgio Gualerzi “Parabola without end” and the epilogue written by his son “The Incident in Bogotá and Thereafter”, which reconstructs his father’s political, human and artistic events and completes his biography from 1924 until his death.


We wish you all good reading!