From the very first 78/80 rpm phonograph discs up to those in microgroove (the well-known vinyl), the element that captures our attention is the label, that “showcase” that distinguishes the various record companies and captures the public’s attention.
Reproduced here from our Archive is a sequence starting with the Pathé records to follow those shown on the 78s of Gramophone and Victor, and then showing others reproduced in the many Long Plays published and dedicated to Titta Ruffo’s most famous songs over the years such as EMI-La voce del padrone, RCA Victor, SCALA Records, Rococo Records, TAP and others.


It is worth mentioning that all the recordings made for Gramophone (1906-1912) and Victor (1912-1929) were brought together in a complete edition by both Rubini Records (9 LPs in 1987) as well as Court Opera Classics (3 LPs released from the early 1980s) and Lebendige Vergangenheit in the album “Titta Ruffo Edition” (4 LPs released from 1986).